Shooting Simulator and Firearms Training Center​​
J-RAT Defense Lab​​​​
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Full Simulator Session

Range Simulator Session

Interactive GraphX Skill Building Exercises: Moving targets, marksmanship drills, qualification courses, shoot houses, head-to-head competitions, and games.

Full high-definition video based scenarios: Immersive training designed to specifically challenge your mind. Hundreds of realistic scenarios to pump up your adrenaline, test your speed and judgment, and help prepare you for real-life situations where quick thinking under stress is critical.

Perfect for the single shooter who wishes to fluidly switch between multiple weapons or a group who wants to interact and shoot simultaneously.
Screen is configured as an indoor or outdoor style gun range.  You choose your target types and distances (up to 300 meters).  

Visual bullet holes, split times, target score, and other valuable training data is displayed for every shot with a more detailed analysis available each time your target is retrieved. 

Gun-specific ballistics, atmospheric conditions, etc. can all be programmed into the simulator to further enhance the accuracy and realism.   Screen can be divided into multiple lanes for additional shooters.  
60 Minute Session 

​1 Shooter - $50.00
Every Additional Shooter - Add $15.00​


60 Minute Session

​1 Shooter - $35.00
Every Additional Shooter - Add $15.00​

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